World Sight Day 2020

Highlights on some areas for growth in Ghana’s eye care story

In the past 2 decades, we have observed significant progress in the awareness to eye care especially in developing countries known to be heavily burdened with visual impairment. Global advocacy and concerted efforts like VISION 2020: Right to Sight Initiative and the World Health Organization (WHO) working documents for global action plans on Universal Eye Health have contributed to improved awareness...

The Power of Collaboration

Skholiwe Zuma uses his Voice for Optometry

Student Optometrist, Skholiwe Zuma, uses his voice for Optometry. Skhowliwe Zuma is a student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Dr. Mark Diest Discusses COVID19

Dr. Mark Diest Discusses COVID19.

Patient Expectation Meets Clinical Motivation Scleral Lenses by Lizelle Dorfling-Smith

For a successful fit with a speciality contact lens, the two sides of patient expectation and clinical motivation need to meet each other in the middle. Be cautious not to focus too much on the clinical motivation for fitting a scleral lens. You also need to give patient expectation enough thought.Let us then start our fitting journey by ensuring a well-balanced approach...