The Eyefrica Media team shares Dr. Rifay Yasser and Dr. Dylan Joseph’s Journey in Eyecare.

The Eyefrica Media team discusses Dr. Rifay Yasser and Dr. Dylan Joseph's journey in eyecare. They discussed their career paths, practice models, the importance of communication, refractive surgery, and more.

COVID-19 Vaccinated 💉 with Dr. Theresa Towechi Onwuchekwa

COVID-19 Vaccinated 💉 Hello guys! I took the COVID-19 vaccination on 23/03/2021. I wanted to wait a few days before making this post so that I can give details on any...

Shruti Desai World Optometry Day Interview


Patient Expectation Meets Clinical Motivation Scleral Lenses by Lizelle Dorfling-Smith

For a successful fit with a speciality contact lens, the two sides of patient expectation and clinical motivation need to meet each other in...

Pediatric cataract in Nigeria and its many challenges of treatment and management

Pediatric cataract is an alarming problem all over the world in need of intervention and management, especially in developing countries. Pediatric cataract is responsible for 5%...

Epiphora in infants and children

Approximately 6% of infants around the world have some symptoms of excess Tearing also known as EPIPHORA. Excess tearing in infants is one of the...

Nystagmus in Children

Nystagmus is an eye disorder which causes the eyes to wobble constantly, children with nystagmus often struggle at school because the eyes make repetitive involuntary...